View Software changes its name to Ørn

Changes name to Ørn Software
Picture: Sten-Roger Karlsen, CEO Ørn Software

View Software, a Viking Venture portfolio company, has doubled in size over the last year and now has more than 1,000 customers. The company changes its name to Ørn Software, and aims to become the leader in the Nordic market.

– The growth has been incredible. We’re already leading the field in Norway. We now have offices in four countries and are setting our sights on becoming the Nordic market leader. We take pride in our Norwegian heritage, and think that Ørn Software is the perfect name for an ambitious, international company. Our Nordic letters are being noticed out there, says CEO Sten-Roger Karlsen.

Ørn Software is a leading leading software company in the Nordics, with solutions for efficient asset operations and maintenance across a wide range of industries, including Real Estate, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage and Aquaculture. Ørn Software has enjoyed formidable growth in recent years, with Skistar, Bane NOR and Norwegian health trusts among its many customers. In addition, over 50 aquaculture companies in Norway rely on Ørn Software.

– We have an aggressive acquisition strategy, and acquired four companies in the last year alone. On top of that, we have also seen significant organic growth. Ørn Software can now provide its clients with a complete one-stop-shop solution. There could hardly be a better time to launch digital tools that provide greater efficiency and a smaller environmental footprint. Demand for such solutions has grown substantially. At the same time, regulatory requirements are also becoming increasingly strict, Karlsen says.

Although it did not originally plan to change its name, the decision was made following a creative process intended to establish a common vision and set of values for all of the companies the choice fell on Ørn.

– We provide customers with an eagle’s-eye view. Our slogan is ‘The Big Picture’. The eagle is the king of the sky, with eyesight eight times stronger than that of humans. And our systems give our clients a similar overview of their machinery, real estate and salmon farms, Mr Karlsen explains.

The company’s main office is in Trondheim, and it now employs 90 people. Subscription revenue (ARR) has grown by 400% over the last three years. The largest shareholder is Viking Venture, the Nordic business-to-business Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) investor, with a 61 percent share.

About Ørn Software

  • A leading Nordic software company, with solutions that provide efficient operations and maintenance throughout a wide variety of industries, including real estate, manufacture and aquaculture
  • More than 1000 companies with over 175,000 employees use our different SaaS-solutions every day, including some of the biggest industrial and real estate firms
  • Offices in Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo, Moss, Florø, Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Ängelholm