Do you know a good company for the Viking Venture family?

Tip us about a Nordic B2B software company and you can get a finder’s fee of 25.000 EUR.  

What do we look for? 

We love to work with founders and managers passionate about their software business. The best match for us is B2B software companies with differentiated products that support work processes for their customers. Preferably with revenue above 3 MEUR.

We are especially interested in situations where we could be relevant. This could for instance be if you know that the company is currently looking for a partner to help them scale, or if you know some or more shareholders in the company are considering selling their shares.

You need to know a relevant person in the company we can contact, either an employee, a board member and/or a shareholder.

How it works


You tip us about a relevant company

A Nordic B2B software company supporting work processes. You know a relevant contact person in the company.


We review and accept or reject the tip

We verify the relevancy of the company, timing and contact person. In addition, we check that we are not in contact already.


You get 25.000 EUR in finder’s fee at closing

We need to accept the tip and invest in the company within 12 months for finder’s fee to be paid. If someone already tipped about the company, you receive a bottle of champagne.

Why Viking Venture? 

We help Nordic software companies reach their international ambitions and scale their business. As an investor, we use our expertise to help our portfolio companies with everything from pricing and business models, to recruitments and acquisitions – and eventually, a successful exit.

Becoming a part of the Viking Venture family gives access to a network of skillful people through our community, a place where peers meet to share valuable knowledge. Today we have 15 B2B software companies in our portfolio, all sharing many of the same types of challenges.

Send your tip

    Questions and answers

    1. When is the start and end date?

    The campaign is valid from 09.06.22–31.12.22. You must register your tip during this period to trigger a finder’s fee when we invest in the company. However, we can withdraw the campaign at any given time.

    2. Who can submit tips?

    Anyone being an employee or a shareholder in a Viking Venture portfolio company can tip, but you must be over 18 years old to receive a finder’s fee.

    3. How does Viking Venture handle a tip?

    After you have tipped about a company, we will consider whether the company is relevant or not and if we already are or have been in contact with the company. Then we reach out to you to hear a little more, especially about the current situation in the company. Afterward, we agree on how to contact the company.

    4. What is a good tip?

    A good tip is a tip about a company that develops and sells a differentiated B2B software product, that supports work processes, has revenue higher than 3 MEUR, and where there is a situation that could enable Viking Venture to invest in the company.

    5. How many companies can I recommend?

    You can suggest as many companies as you want, but we encourage you to assess whether it is a good tip in advance. See “What is a good tip?” above.

    6. What happens if several people tip about the same person?

    If several people tip about the same company, and it becomes an investment, the person who tipped about the company first receives the finder’s fee. If someone already tipped about the company, you receive a bottle of champagne.

    7. Why finder’s fee?

    We always look for exceptional companies to join the Viking Venture family, and we believe you might have some companies in your network which could be a good fit for Viking Venture and the other way around. Our campaign opens up for anyone to use their network and get rewarded for their tip.

    8. How much do I get in finder’s fee?

    All tips that get accepted and lead to an investment get rewarded with a finder’s fee of 25.000 EUR.

    9. How can I spend the money?

    You decide. Save the money, go on holiday, give away to charity or buy something you need.

    10. When is the finder’s fee paid?

    We pay the finder’s fee if we invest in the company within 12 months. Payment will happen once the closing of the transaction is completed.

    11. How is payment made?

    The finder’s fee is paid by bank transfer directly to your bank account. You must be the rightful and valid owner of the account. We do not transfer the money to a third party.

    12. Is the finder’s fee taxable?

    Yes, you must pay tax when you receive the finder’s fee. The finder’s fee is considered an income supplement, and you are responsible for declaring it to the tax authorities.

    Privacy policies

    All personal information in this campaign is stored in HubSpot. By personal information, we mean the name of the contact person and company you tipped us about, as well as your personal name, company name, e-mail, and phone number. The information is for deal sourcing purposes only. By tipping, you consent to us storing your information so that we can get in touch with you. Read more about our privacy policies.