The Viking Venture SaaS KPI cheat sheet

Martin Eriksen - KPI Tearsheet

The Viking Venture SaaS KPI cheat sheet serves as a convenient tool for the comprehensive evaluation of critical SaaS (Software as a Service) KPIs (key performance indicators) on an annual basis. Populate the input cells with your company’s data according to the specified timeframe and unit of measurement to quickly calculate a range of metrics. 

Compare your SaaS KPIs to relevant benchmarks

The KPIs in this cheat sheet fall into the following three categories: Growth and Profitability, Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC) and Sales Efficiency and Coverage Model and Pricing. Next to each KPI we have included benchmarks for what we consider to be Healthy, Ok and Unhealthy performance enabling you to compare the performance of your company to a set of standards. 

It is imperative to note that the benchmarks presented are tailored to software companies within the investment scope of Viking Venture. 

Get the excel sheet here:

SaaS KPI Cheat Sheet