⁠The ultimate Pricing Playbook to boost annual recurring revenue (ARR)

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For many B2B SaaS companies determining the pricing strategy often involves a mix of intuition, competitor analysis, and cost considerations. However, developing a well-defined, value-based pricing model can significantly boost your growth. Not only does this approach increase annual recurring revenue (ARR), but price expansion also has limited costs attached, implying a strong effect on profitability.

With our Pricing Playbook, you’ll gain the knowledge and insights needed to construct a value-based pricing strategy that resonates with the value you provide to your customers.

We cover the following topics to get your pricing right:

  • Why change your pricing model?
  • Introduction to value-based pricing
  • Plan and prepare the project
  • Segment your customers
  • Understand value creation and drivers for the customers
  • Analyze the switching costs and stickiness
  • Analyze the customers’ alternatives
  • Set up an adjusted pricing model
  • Test, communicate, and implement
New! Pricing Playbook