Mercell acquires Aksess Innkjøp

Terje Mercell

Mercell, the leading platform provider for public e-tendering in the Nordic region, backed by Viking Venture, announced that it has acquired Aksess Innkjøp, a provider of procurement systems for public buyers in Norway backed by KapNord Fund. 

– As the leading player in the Norwegian and Nordic e-Tender process and contract management market (sourcing-to-contract), Mercell has for a long time considered what position we should take in the post-award market (order-to-pay). We now have the pleasure of announcing the acquisition of Aksess Innkjøp, which will be integrated into the Mercell Group, says Terje Wibe, CEO of Mercell Group.

– Aksess Innkjøp has an exciting position in the Norwegian market, with 23 municipalities and 14 government agencies as customers using its e-commerce solution. With Aksess Innkjøp, the Mercell Group is gaining a solid foothold in a larger part of our customers’ value chain, and we see a number of exciting and important product synergies between pre- and post-award products, which will benefit our customers going forward. We warmly welcome our new colleagues to the Mercell Group, which is growing strongly both in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe, Terje Wibe added .

About Mercell

Mercell Group is a leading e-tendering platform provider in the European market, and are in a very exciting phase of further international growth supported by Viking Venture – a specialized B2B SaaS investor in the Nordic market. The solutions simplify the public procurement process in accordance with EU regulations and improve interaction between buyers and suppliers. With the whole of Europe as market, Mercell are currently 200 enthusiastic employees represented in 9 countries and with head office in Oslo, Norway.

40.000 suppliers and buyers across Northern Europe use Mercell’s system on a daily basis.

About Aksess Innkjøp

Since 2008 Aksess Innkjøp AS has worked with solutions and consultancy within digital procurement processes. Aksess Innkjøp has extensive experience and knowledge in terms of success and risks when implementing digital procurement solutions. It is a seamless all-in-one cloud based solution for the public sector and their vendors, digitising the procurement process from announcement to purchase