How Viking Venture enables GenAI knowledge sharing across our portfolio

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Generative AI (GenAI) stands out as a new technological revolution that will have broad implications for most companies, particularly software companies in the business-to-business (B2B) space.

Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence technologies and models that can generate novel content, such as text, images, audio, and video, based on data it has been trained on. The most widely known GenAI tool is ChatGPT from OpenAI, which can generate new text outputs.

Because of the rapid development and the potential benefits of GenAI, we at Viking Venture have set up a new community of AI Champions within our portfolio companies who meet regularly to share best practices, leveraging the scale of our focused B2B software portfolio.

The Viking Venture AI Community: A Hub for Knowledge Sharing

The Viking Venture AI Community includes designated AI Champions from each portfolio company, nominated by the CEOs. The primary goal is to create a collaborative environment in which to share ideas and practical tips on leveraging GenAI. According to a survey by EY of 140 businesses at the Oslo Business Forum, one of the most critical barriers to GenAI adoption is a lack of competency or talent. The AI Community, with its regular meetings, serves as a platform to share knowledge and foster discussions to reduce that barrier, enabling a culture of innovation and mutual growth.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency Through GenAI

A key focus of our community is exploring how GenAI can improve operations and enhance efficiency within our portfolio companies. We delve into case studies and share experiences on implementing GenAI solutions, focusing on the practical aspects of implementation and its tangible benefits, ranging from improved customer success management to more productive product and development teams.

Leveraging GenAI in Customer Solutions  

In addition to using GenAI tools for internal efficiency, the companies meet to discuss how to leverage GenAI in their product offering and customer solutions. Whether it’s through text-to-voice and voice-to-text capabilities empowering customer interactions as in the case of LeadDesk (, or game-based learning as in the case of Attensi (, the opportunities to improve customer experiences with GenAI is vast. The AI Community meetings help inspire and foster creativity and reduce the barrier to getting started by sharing best practice tips and common pitfalls when implementing GenAI.

Learning from Experts

We regularly invite external speakers to our meetings to broaden our understanding and stay ahead of the latest trends. These experts will cover various topics, from introductory sessions on getting started with GenAI to more nuanced discussions about navigating legal risks, ethical considerations, and risks of using GenAI coding assistants for development teams. These sessions ensure our portfolio companies remain at the forefront of GenAI’s knowledge and application.

Organising for Continued Transformation

Our AI Community is a forum to get inspiration and share ideas, but a community of ideation can only do so much. We encourage our portfolio companies to consider where GenAI can provide the most value in their respective businesses for both product development and internal efficiency. Given the rapid development in the area, dedicated resources may be required to stay on top. An example could be a team of GenAI representatives from each business unit who meet regularly to discuss what GenAI solutions and tools can be applied in their respective areas to improve efficiency. The exact setup will depend on the specific needs of your business.

Stay tuned for more relevant insights and tips regarding using GenAI from our community sessions.

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