DinERP and Levilo announce Nordic Partnership


ERP software specialist DinERP and IFS consultancy Levilo have announced a partnership to offer increased value to IFS customers across the Nordics by combining DinERP’s leading enterprise software products with Levilo’s extended consultancy services for users of IFS Applications™

By working together, the companies will create a new value proposition offering class leading solutions in areas such as Approvals, Human Resources and Human Capital Management, Purchase to Pay and Business to Business collaboration as part of IFS implementation and upgrade projects. This will enable new and existing IFS customers to immediately maximise their use and benefit of the IFS Application ERP system.

“DinERP are focused on providing simple workflows to light users of ERP ensuring fast adoption without the need for training, which drives digital transformation from the bottom-up’ said Lars Morten Nygaard, CEO of DinERP, “our in-house expertise is second to none, but consultancy is not something we have capacity for despite customers often asking for our assistance. This partnership means we can now offer those services from a tried and tested IFS partner which increases the value we can offer” he continued.

CEO of Levilo, Anders Carlsson said “We work with many customers, especially in the areas of Life Science, Retail and Service Management and we see the same challenges all the time. By partnering with DinERP we can provide established solutions to these challenges that will genuinely help the customer by ensuring every employee uses IFS, which increases its value even further.“ He continued “This partnership creates a real powerhouse of expertise, which enables us to quickly increase our value to the customer and accelerates the return on their investment in IFS Applications.”

Forbes reports that Digital Transformation occupies an increasingly central position in the commercial strategy of large enterprises – Deloitte has found that the number of companies investing heavily in digital transformation has almost doubled in the past year. This partnership will enable IFS customers to implement real transformation by focusing on end-users, establishing IFS as the central data hub for their businesses, the creation of which is a key pillar of digital transformation strategy. The provision of intuitive, intelligent workflows to all the employees in an organisation ensures people and technology compliment one another perfectly, to deliver maximum business outcomes in the most efficient way possible.

About DinERP

Norwegian software vendor DinERP helps customers save time and money by optimising their existing ERP applications for non-expert users – often around 80% of the total workforce.

By placing the power of IFS Applications into the hands of as many end-users as possible, DinERP helps customers drive their digital transformation strategies from the bottom up, with minimal effort and maximum effect.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Falk, Marketing Director Tlf: +47 468 88 444

Lars Morten Nygaard, Chief Executive Officer Tlf: +47 982 21 880

Website: www.dinerp.com

About Levilo

Founded in 2006, Levilo is an authorized IFS partner and reseller of IFS Applications™. The headquarter is stationed in Sollentuna outside Stockholm, but we operate both nationwide and internationally.

We specialize in Life Science, Retail and Service Management and offer application consultants, developers and project managers for implementations and system upgrades.

With a focus on customer benefit, lower risk and increased flexibility, we are happy to work in teams rather than alone. We are convinced that working closely together with our customers, we identify the right needs and that our joint effort becomes the optimal solution.

For more information, please contact:

Björn Bondeson, Marketing Director Tlf: +46 70 770 87 50

Anders Carlsson, Chief Executive Officer Tlf: +46 70 233 38 08

Website: www.levilo.se