We help Nordic software companies scale. That’s all we do. 

Established in 2001, we began our journey as a classic broad venture capital firm. Over time, we have evolved into the leading business-to-business (B2B) software investor in the Nordics. Our expertise? Helping Nordic growth-stage B2B SaaS companies scale. That’s all we do.

As a minority investor, we are used to cooperating with founders, shareholders, and the management team to help our portfolio companies succeed. We cannot tell anyone what they need to do, so we work together and agree on everything we’d like to do together. We are there as one part of a bigger team to make things happen. Our hands-on approach helps our companies getting it right in order to succeed in their home market and internationally.

How we collaborate with our portfolio companies 

We help our portfolio companies develop and implement strategies, pricing and business models, scalable sales processes. We support finding and integrating add -on acquisitions. Our in-house Operational Excellence Team is an internal consultancy agency for our companies, running projects at no cost while consistently generating substantial value. 

A big part of our job is also to help the companies to get the right people in place. Without talented people, you can’t get anywhere. So, it is critical to help the companies build the best management teams and get all the necessary competencies. 

Being part of the Viking Venture portfolio allows everyone in your company to participate in the best B2B software community in Europe, where you get access to more than 2000 peers heads filled with knowledge and experience.

The team at Viking Venture 

Some might think we are just capitalists who only care about getting money back from our investments. Money only proves we are doing something right. What truly drives us and gets us up in the morning is working with our great companies and their passionate teams, trying to get bigger and better every day. 

Our team is ambitious and professional. We work hard but also like to have fun. The people working here are friendly and helpful, with expertise and knowledge on how to scale SaaS companies in different business areas. 

Happy holidays from the Viking team

Connect with us

We are always looking for new SaaS companies to collaborate with. Our investment focus is growing Nordic B2B companies. If your company supports your customers’ critical work processes and has built up a good position in the market over time, we would like to meet with you.