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We help Nordic software companies scale. That's all we do.

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Viking Venture as your long-term team player

We invest in fast-growing software scale-ups. As an active minority investor, we believe in rolling up our sleeves together with entrepreneurs who want to scale.

We know how challenging it is to run a fast-growing software company. Our aim is to provide an outside perspective through mentoring, guiding and coaching to help you succeed.

About us

We help Nordic software companies scale. That's all we do.

We believe our in-depth experience with software companies is as valuable as our capital. We help you:

• Get your business model and pricing right
• Build a scalable, international sales organization
• Accelerate growth through acquisitions
• Recruit the right people
• Get the financing you need
• Achieve a successful exit


The Viking family – The leading software community in Europe

We specialize in fast-growing software scale-ups. Our community of over 20 companies offers a unique environment for exchanging knowledge, ideas and experiences, which we believe is key to realizing your potential and succeeding internationally. This makes us a great investment choice - beyond the money.

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Attract and hire the best people for your business

We know how competitive the job market is and how hard it is to secure the best talent. We want to help you by offering access to the best software talent in the Nordics.

We believe in a strong recruitment process to secure and keep the best people. We have the people, experience, tools and guidelines to support you throughout the recruitment process, from finding the right candidate to hiring and onboarding.


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