Zilift announces a breakthrough as the firm’s revolutionary TorqueDrive™ technology delivers a successful first operational field trial in the U.S.

After extensive examination of the industry, the ground-breaking TorqueDrive™ technology began development three years ago at Zilift’s Aberdeen, Scotland headquarters. TorqueDrive™ was deployed for field trials in Bakersfield, California during 2013.

TorqueDrive™ has now exceeded initial field trial targets, having exceeded 150 days running and counting; an industry first and looks set to transform heavy oil artificial lift operations globally.

This is the first known practical demonstration of a magnetic torque converter in a downhole environment. TorqueDrive is powered by the smallest downhole artificial lift motor to be successfully installed in an oil well worldwide.

View Zilift’s press release (pdf).

About Zilift
Zilift Ltd was established in May 2009 exclusively to develop and market permanent magnet technologies that will form the next generation of artificial lift for the oil and gas industry. A team of 30 are employed across Zilift’s facilities in Aberdeen and Bakersfield.

Zilift is a company in the Viking Venture II portfolio.

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