From water isolation in depleted Omani wells and the dangers of contaminating other producing zones, through to the need for isolation between sand producing oil zones in Saudi Arabia and the guaranteeing of integrity in deviated Qatari wells, the importance of well integrity and zonal isolation has never been more important in the Middle East, says Meta in an article on

With traditional technologies struggling to meet these new challenges, the oil & gas industry is having to adopt different technologies and new approaches. Nowhere is this better seen than in Metalmorphology – an approach that is providing a catalyst for a new way of working in well isolation.

The morphing ratio of up to 60%, differential pressure capabilities, durability and reliability, instantaneous setting and full through bore ID are meeting the Middle East’s modern day well demands and helping redefine well integrity.

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Based in the Aberdeen Energy Park at the Bridge of Don, Meta provides premium downhole isolation during drilling, completion and production to the worldwide oil and gas industry.

Meta is a company in the Viking Venture III portfolio.

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