Meta Downhole Ltd (Meta) has successfully passed ISO14310 V0 qualification testing.

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Richard Craig, Meta’s VP of Sales

“The ISO V0 qualification will allow our clients to use the Casing Reconnect in wells which require metal to metal integrity, restoring the well for conversion to gas lift,” says Richard Craig, Meta’s VP of Sales.

“The Casing Reconnect is a remediation solution used in a variety of applications from casing integrity, stuck casing, to wellhead replacement and connecting subsea wellheads to surface. It provides a resilient gas tight metal-to-metal seal and benefits from flexible space out with no reduction in ID.


The Meta Casing Reconnect is a unique metal to metal sealing product that allows operators to replace damaged or stuck casing, avoid costly side tracks and lengthy fishing operations to allow them to continue with the original drilling program. 

In addition, should operators embark on sidetracks, the Casing Reconnect will support metal to metal well integrity for P&A activities.

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About Meta Downhole
Aberdeen-based Meta is the premium downhole isolation company servicing the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. It specialises in well integrity and provides innovative and industry changing well isolation solutions across the lifecycle of an oil and gas well – from well architecture and design through to completion, production and decommissioning.

Meta has offices in the UK, Middle East, Far East and United States to service its clients which are based in these regions.

Meta is a company in the Viking Venture portfolio.


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