READ launches a new Micro-leak Detection solution to help maximise operational safety and minimise downtime by delivering fast and reliable answers for on the spot well integrity management decisions. The diagnostic solution combines GE Oil & Gas’ NTO Acoustic Noise Tool and READ’s Micro-leak Detection service line. The solution creates a detailed map of downhole acoustic energy, which when combined with measurements from flowmeter and fast response temperature sensors, enables precision location of leak sites, identification of active flow pathways and determination of the sources of flow energy.

“This technology is an excellent platform for expanding READ’s R&D capabilities. We aim to deliver a steady stream of innovative solutions to the markets and we are thrilled that we brought 2015 to a close with news on the micro-leak detection technology, said Roy Martin, READ’s CEO, and I have full confidence that we will keep the momentum going in 2016.”

Read is a company in the Viking Venture portfolio.

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