READ Cased Hole takes its latest logging technology, ZeroTime to launch at the SPE ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference & Exhibition in Houston this week.

Determined to stay agile in the current market and with a commitment to delivering fast, accurate answers to its customers, READ is launching ZeroTime in an era when the industry is in need of innovation to achieve a step change in efficiency and cost optimization like never before.

By adding intelligence to routine trips in hole, ZeroTimeā„¢ provides a detailed understanding of downhole conditions, eliminating the need for stand-alone diagnostic surveys. This enables operators to plan their next move in total confidence with zero-added rig time.

Despite difficult market conditions for majority of the oil and gas sector operating in the North Sea, READ has seen several contract wins over the last months thanks to its established reputation as a market leader in efficient and cost optimized production and integrity evaluation.

About READ Cased Hole

READ Cased Hole is the specialist in production and integrity evaluation, delivering fast and reliable cased hole log data analysis which allows well operators make qualified decisions quickly while minimising risk and maximising efficiency. Visit to find out more.

READ Cased Hole is a Viking Venture portfolio company.

About ZeroTime
ZeroTimeā„¢ from READ Cased Hole provides customers with a smart way to log while working, giving them fast, accurate answers that help to maximise efficiency every day. Visit to find out more.