Petrostreamz AS has donated 35 licenses of its flagship software Pipe-It to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The licenses will be used in research and development as well as for use in petroleum courses at NTNU IPT.

Integrated Asset Modelling is rapidly becoming a new engineering discipline within the Oil & Gas industry as a means to gain a more accurate understanding of the value chain and enable optimization from reservoir to point of sales.

Pipe-It can integrate the existing software models currently used to analyze individual parts an oil and gas field Using Pipe-It, the entire asset or field complex can be analyzed and optimized from the initial field development phase and throughout an assets operational life. The core technology in Pipe-It keeps track of the hundreds of components in the oil and gas streams from each well and perforation through to point of sales.

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About Petrostreamz

Petrostreamz AS is a global expert in Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) and supplier of software and solutions for value chain integration and optimization of Oil & Gas fields. The company is located with its headquarter in Trondheim, Norway, and offices in Oslo, Dubai, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Yogakarta and Bordeaux.

Petrostreamz is a company in the Viking Venture portfolio.

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