Aberdeen-based production and integrity evaluation specialist READ Cased Hole (READ) has been awarded a multi-million pound contract by Danish energy giant, Maersk Olie og Gas A/S. The dual-award, five year contract with an optional three-year extension appoints READ as the primary service provider for cased hole logging services, including production evaluation and well integrity domains, which would be delivered across Maersk’s assets in the Danish North Sea.

«The new contract win is a testimony to our 17 year-strong and successful relationship with Maersk,» said Roy Martin, CEO of READ «and we are confident that the range of production and well integrity solutions READ will continue providing will be instrumental for Maersk’s success as the market leader in mature well management and recovery. This contract puts READ on the track to working with Maersk for a quarter of a century and the results of this collaboration show that optimisation and effectiveness is more than just an industry trend during tough times, but a sustainable practice with tangible results.»

About READ Cased Hole

READ Cased Hole is the specialist in production and integrity evaluation, delivering fast and reliable cased hole log data analysis which allows well operators make qualified decisions quickly while minimising risk and maximising efficiency.

READ Cased Hole is a company in the Viking Venture portfolio.

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