Meta, a premium downhole isolation company offering complete integrity across the life of the well, has announced a contract with Shell for high performance Liner Tieback™ solutions in the Gulf of Mexico.

The V0 ISO14310 certified Meta Liner Tieback™ is a full axial load bearing, downhole tubular connection system, gas tight, that connects the liner to a tieback string of casing using Meta’s patented Metalmorphology™ technology.

Incorporating the Meta Liner Tieback™ into its well architecture enables Shell to:
Plan and deal with worst case discharge scenarios compliant with Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulations & Enforcement (BOEMRE);
Overcome limited IDs in casing strings to achieve high load bearing capabilities;
Allow asset teams to plan for drilling deeper;
Provide flexibility of space out.
“As well architectures become more complex and as operators look to establish structural integrity at the outset of drilling programmes, Meta and our premium, certified and qualified downhole isolation solutions are redefining well integrity as we know it. We look forward to the Meta Liner Tieback™ providing proactive well integrity planning for Shell over each well’s lifetime,” said Meta CEO, Kevin Stewart.

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Meta is a company in the Viking Venture III portfolio.