Mr. Odd Are Svensen is appointed CEO of Exprosoft replacing founder Einar Molnes who has been CEO of Exprosoft since the company was founded more than ten years ago. Einar is appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Exprosoft and Regional manager of the Middle East located in the United Arab Emirates.

Odd Are Svensen has been COO of Exprosoft since 2011 coming from a position as CEO of Thelma and Thelma Biotel. He holds a Master of Science in Informatics from the Norwegian University of Tehcnology in Trondheim.

Mr. Christopher McPherson is appointed Sales Director Americas at Exprosoft located in Houston, Texas. Chris is an Electrical Engineer from the University of Alabama and has extensive sales experience from companies such as Emerson/Roxar and Teledyne.

Exprosoft is a Viking Venture III portfolio company located in Trondheim and Stavanger, Norway, Houston, USA and the United Arab Emirates.