ExproSoft was recently chosen for two back-to-back studies on major offshore field in Canada.

ExproSoft is pleased to be the preferred vendor for two well reliability studies in Canada, utilizing the global well equipment reliability database, WellMaster. The project work will provide the operator with invaluable insight into the failure mechanisms causing well failures, and an estimate on the expected number of interventions for the remainder of field life.

The first study is a RAM analysis, which uses field experience and industry data (including WellMaster) to estimate future intervention needs and expenses. The second study is a QRA to establish the risk level for the wells on the field. Delivery of reports are June and October, 2016.

ExproSoft is a software & consultancy company increasing well uptime for oil & gas operators. The company delivers solutions that allow operators to understand failures and risk of well equipment, and use this knowledge to reduce intervention cost and increase production throughout the wells’ life cycle.